Reasons to invest in Cyprus

 Among other reasons for the attraction that Cyprus holds for foreign investors are:

  • A developed infra-structure including speedy and efficient access to all of Europe, east and west as well as to countries of the Middle East.
  • A skilled work force, with a very good command of English.
  • A developed scientific and technological infra-structure.
  • A low crime rate.
  • A low cost of living compared to the West.
  • 0% inheritance tax 
  • A low rate of corporation tax - 10% and additional tax benefits for investors.
  • Cyprus has double taxation agreements with over 40 other countries
  • Property in Cyprus is registered on a land registry system, similar to that in the UK.
  • Ease of communication, English is widely spoken
  • Strong and stable banking based on UK systems
  • Mortgage available in various currencies, term of up to 35 years capped at 70 years old 


There are many reasons why Cyprus is a logical choice if you are relocating or buying a holiday home. Cyprus enjoys very strong ties with the UK. It is a republic based on a constitution written after independence from the British who still maintain Sovereign bases on the island.

Human rights and private property are safeguarded by the constitution, and Cyprus is a member of the UN, the commonwealth, The Council of Europe and now the EU.

Though Greek is the official language, over 90% of locals speak English making your transition to the Cypriot way of life immeasurably easier. In addition to its superb climate, averaging 340 days of sunshine a year, its wonderful beaches and delicious cuisine, Cyprus life also benefits from a clean environment and very low crime rate.

Cyprus also enjoys excellent amenities including a fine health service together with relatively inexpensive private healthcare, a banking system that closely follows the British pattern, and many duty free shopping benefits for their residents.

Another advantage is that Cypriots drive on the same side of the road as the British, eliminating those early driving jitters!

Retiring to Cyprus offers many benefits to the British expatriate. Compared to many countries, buying property in Cyprus is relatively easy. The law regarding buying property in Cyprus has changed recently, allowing a non-Cypriot resident to buy unlimited properties on the island. Legal fees when purchasing a property in Cyprus are very low, and with the legal system and Land Registry in Cyprus being based on both British and Greek legal systems, it is considered to be one of the most advanced and reliable systems in the world.

The Cypriot government encourages those wishing to retire to Cyprus. There is an efficient and well-maintained infrastructure in place, and although it has shied away slightly from the 'offshore' image it once had, and has been forced to implement some changes to its legislation in order to satisfy the OECD, it is still generally regarded as a safe and secure location in which to do business or reside.

Buying properties in Cyprus is one of the most demanding and fast growing markets in Europe. Buying a property in Cyprus became specially popular since May 2004 Cyprus has joined the European Union, which has affected the Cyprus sale property market.

Today Cyprus has easy access to UK, Europe and all around the world. Waterside gives you an opportunity to allow yourself time to study your facilities in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to decide whether you want to buy properties in Cyprus. Its really clever and profitable investment as the growth rate of buying a property in Cyprus is increasing year by year.

Cyprus real estate is profitable, perspective and a clever investment. Real estate in Cyprus has many advantages compared with other popular resort locations.
Examples of these advantages are:
  • Financial advantages such as low income tax.
  • A reliable climate with 95% of the year enjoying beautiful sunshine.
  • Property purchase costs much lower than in the UK and twice cheaper than coastal resorts in countries such as France, Spain and Italy.
  • Plentiful amenities, sports and leisure facilities.
  • An established infrastructure with banking and legal modelled on British system.

The Island of Cyprus, the 3rd Largest of all the Mediterranean islands, epitomizing idealistic weather with sunny days and fine temperatures almost every single day! Extreme temperatures are rare, therefore ensuring everyone who visits or comes to live in Cyprus every month of the year the enjoyment of clear skies and the crystal blue seas of the Mediterranean. Even more come and enjoy the many cultural festivals held throughout the year or visit the legendary birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite, who as legend says rose out of the seas to Cyprus all those years ago.

Cyprus is full of history - sites of both cultural and major historical interest make it part of UNESCO's World Heritage program of cultural and natural treasures.

Here at Waterside Developers, we can assist you in finding the best property for sale available for you in this unique and beautiful island.