Formerly the island’s capital city during times of Antiquity, Paphos is now the 3rd largest town on the island. As the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess’s lingering presence permeates the town and its surrounding regions even today; with beautiful landmarks and ancient temples scattered throughout the area.Visitors to Paphos will be amazed how the contemporary fascination and honour that is still bestowed on this adored deity, continues to enthral and delight in these modern times.

At the heart of this popular town is the charming Paphos harbour decked with yachts, fishing boats and sight-seeing cruise ships and an abundance of waterside cafes, bars and fish tavernas. It is framed by the stunning Medieval Fort and its pedestrianised Castle Square; a location both elegant and romantic offering the perfect backdrop to the glorious sunsets for which Paphos is renowned.

 Indeed, Paphos is such a historically significant site of cultural and archaeological interest, that the entire region of Kato Paphos was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1980. Quite simply, visitors here are offered a rare opportunity to see history in the making. Yet if you venture just a few minutes beyond the town itself, up into the foothills of the TroodosMountains, the surrounding rustic villages and verdant agricultural plains, abundant with olives, grapes, banana, carob and citrus fruit plantations, reveal a dramatic richness of breathtaking contrast to the harsh mountainous regions that intrude so effortlessly. 

 Further west, the protected nature conservation area and rare Caretta turtle sanctuary in the Akamas peninsula, with its unique geological formations of natural beauty and harsh unspoilt land and seascapes, offers the perfect retreat from the busy, bustling, commercial town centre below. With all the amenities and resources one expects from a burgeoning modern European district, Paphos town is ideally situated to offer an exceptional and richly diverse experience to all who choose to visit, whether they are permanent residents living and working here, or holiday-makers simply passing through.