The Cypriot banking and finance sector is based on the British system.


The Cypriot banking system comprises a number of commercial banks, which are regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus. Apart from Cypriot banks which operate internationally with branches abroad, many overseas banks have a presence in Cyprus. Since joining the EU, Cyprus enjoys a non-restricted flow of capital between all EU member countries.


Cyprus offers a wide range of commercial and private banking services for businesses and individuals.

These include: the transfer of pensions, salaries and investment income from abroad. A number of account types are available, including offshore, saving, current and foreign currency accounts. All major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and AMEX are issued and widely accepted in Cyprus. Cash point cards are commonly used, as are cheque books, and standing orders, direct debits, etc. Internet and telephone banking services are also offered by all Cypriot commercial banks. We are delighted to refer Pafilia homeowners to any of the local banks and assist with the necessary formalities and paperwork involved in opening a local bank account, arranging credit facilities, or requesting a loan.